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Although there has been a substantial increase in contraceptive use among adolescents, unmet need remains high, ranging from 9% in Indonesia to 41% in Nepal.

The vast majority of unmarried, sexually active adolescents either do not use any contraceptives or use traditional methods.

In providing evidence of the independent effect of early nonsexual relationships on subsequent early onset of sexual intercourse, Marín's findings suggest that such a focus could be one of the missing pieces in both youth and parent interventions.

In particular, interventions that target young adolescents may be improved by the discussion of sexual behaviors that usually precede vaginal intercourse, as well as the impact of having boyfriends and girlfriends in middle school.

Parent-based efforts are designed to help parents understand adolescent development, build communication skills, increase comfort in discussing sexual behaviors and encourage open communication with their teenagers.

Encouraging parental involvement and improving parents' communication with their young adolescents seem to have universal appeal, even though such efforts have had mixed results.

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The related psychosocial correlates and the interrelationships among CD, JP, and other forms of risk behavior were also studied.Few parent programs specifically address parental values with respect to dating in the early grades, provide direct information about the relationship between early dating and later sexual behavior, or help parents recognize and reconcile the pressures for teenagers to date in order to be happy or popular among their peers; discussion of these issues could also improve the behavioral outcomes of parent education programs.One focus of the Marín study is the issue of age difference in the seventh-grade relationship; the researchers considered a two-year difference the criterion for same-age versus older boyfriends or girlfriends, hypothesizing that at the middle school level, even a small age difference could be important.CONTEXT: Adolescents constitute a large and growing proportion of many Asian populations; thus, their knowledge and use of contraceptives have major implications for both public health and population growth.

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METHODS: Data from Demographic and Health Surveys, other national surveys and studies conducted during the last decade are used to examine the contraceptive behaviors of Asian adolescents.

Although these evaluations have demonstrated improvements in communication frequency and parental comfort in discussing issues related to sex, none have demonstrated that these improvements have changed long-term sexual risk behaviors.